Phew, that panic moment all parents have

That pure dread every parent has experienced when they have their tots out in public and suddenly they don’t see them!

We all know that insta-angst, gut tightening feeling. First glance you don’t see them, ok no big deal. But as you continue to search without finding them your gut starts to ache a little.

Today was like any other normal trip to the playground. LtP and Swinging and laughing, the BG and CPT playing nicely together, a rare occurrence.

Upon first glance I can’t see BG and CPT anywhere in site….ok. I start to look around and realizing there aren’t that many kids here I begin to feel a bit panicky.

LtP and I run around frantically and just before we leave the park to check the lake I hear a giggle.

My terror tots had found a nice nook in a spiral slide to hide in.

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