Are you a Lawnmower Parent? STOP

What is a Lawnmower Parent? Also referred to as a Snowplow Parent or Bulldozer Parent, Lawnmower PArent simply refers to those parents that remove obstacles for their kids in hope of ushering success.  For instance, a parent that pays off college university staff in order to assure their child gets accepted would be considered a Lawnmower Parent. This also includes the parents constantly following their tots around removing anything in their path.

Jenny Grant Rankin, PhD, an educator, author, lecturer and writer for “Psychology Today” describes a far more subtle example of lawnmower parenting.

“For example, if a boy forgets his violin at home, his mom races to drop it at school before band practice so the boy doesn’t have to weather the consequences [that’s a variation of lawnmower parenting],” she says. “If a girl gets in a fight, her dad yells at the principal that it was the other child’s fault and refuses to hand out consequences at home.”

In essence, we are stripping away our children’s future ability to overcome challenges by denying them the opportunities to face them early on. If you want to read more on lawnmower parenting I recommend the following article:

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