Are Algorithms the Key to Internet Safety?

There are thousands if not millions of algorithms constantly in play as we search the web. Algorithms are how search engines decide what is relevant to our search, how our social media feeds to determine what we will find interesting, they are also how companies collect data on us and deliver personalized ad content.

Is it possible that the same technology currently under scrutiny for tracking and analyzing our internet usage holds the key to protecting our children from inappropriate content?

Much of the content our children consumed is, in fact, promotional content. With the rapid growth of YouTubers such as Hobby Kids TV, Markiplier, and PewDiePie it is no wonder brands are beginning to look at sponsorship. Even if we take major companies out of the mix, these YouTubers themselves are brands and living off of product endorsements.

The included link takes a look at A proposed bill that aims to restrict the amount of promotional material served up to children through the use of algorithms.

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