When should you be putting your child to bed?

I came across this chart and thought you all might find it interesting. To be completely upfront, LtP wakes up around 6:30 and goes to bed at 7, The CPT also wakes up at 6:30 but he goes down at 8, and The BG wakes up around 7 and goes to bed at 8:15.  It would appear I am at least not completely screwing one of them up!


(Photo: Wilson Elementary)

Are you a Lawnmower Parent? STOP

What is a Lawnmower Parent? Also referred to as a Snowplow Parent or Bulldozer Parent, Lawnmower PArent simply refers to those parents that remove obstacles for their kids in hope of ushering success.  For instance, a parent that pays off college university staff in order to assure their child gets accepted would be considered a Lawnmower Parent. This also includes the parents constantly following their tots around removing anything in their path.

Jenny Grant Rankin, PhD, an educator, author, lecturer and writer for “Psychology Today” describes a far more subtle example of lawnmower parenting.

“For example, if a boy forgets his violin at home, his mom races to drop it at school before band practice so the boy doesn’t have to weather the consequences [that’s a variation of lawnmower parenting],” she says. “If a girl gets in a fight, her dad yells at the principal that it was the other child’s fault and refuses to hand out consequences at home.”

In essence, we are stripping away our children’s future ability to overcome challenges by denying them the opportunities to face them early on. If you want to read more on lawnmower parenting I recommend the following article:


Baby Roe coverage continued

We will continue to follow the heroic venture of the Baby Roe Estate, here is a little update.


And another state joins the fight for equal rights!

I am loving this, little lights of hope each week as the fight for equal rights rages on. Tenn. has put forth a bill to ensure fathers have equal rights in the family court system.

Proposed bill would urge courts to grant shared custody in divorce cases

Another win for unborn babies

Yesterday I posted a story about the Baby Roe Estate and Ryan Magers and his victory in establishing rights for his aborted baby. Wednesday in a 31 to 6 vote the Kentucky Senate passed SB9, the Heartbeat Bill.

SB9 will now go on to the Kentucky House and if passed and signed into law, it will restrict abortion once a babies heart begins to beat.

Kentucky Senate passes bill protecting babies after detectable heartbeat

The tooth-fairy

I would like to take a moment to talk about one of the most sadistic people alive. Imagine this: once upon a time there was an individual that woke up one morning and said: “shit parenting is too easy, how can I make it harder?”

After several hours of thinking they decided, that keeping the blatant lie of Santa and the Easter Bunny isn’t enough. We need to introduce yet another mystical being to lie to our kids about. However, one day a year isn’t enough. No, instead every time a child loses a tooth this mystical being will come and take the tooth! In fact, kids don’t cost enough so when this tooth being…no, no tooth fairy comes, she will leave a dollar!

Still, this isn’t really that challenging, making sure parents always have a one dollar bill on hand just in case a tooth falls out, sneaking in and leaving the dollar, all too easy. How can I make this more difficult? OH!!! Parents will need to train like ninjas! They will need to leave the tooth under the kid’s pillow! Parents will need to sneak silently into the child’s room after spending the better part of the evening getting them to go to sleep, slowly slide their hand under their child’s head, remove the tooth, and than silently slide the dollar under their child’s pillow. The best part is the kid will be so excited about the tooth fairy coming getting them to fall asleep will be next to impossible anyway!

Basically, this ridiculous practice better suited for Ethan Hunt than an actual parent will require us to be silent stealthy espionage operatives. What pisses me off the most about this individual is they were too fucking lazy to answer the easiest of questions: How does the Tooth Fairy get in? What does the Tooth Fairy do with the teeth?

This is why I have chosen to take a different approach with The Tot Army; we just watch Hellboy II: The Golden Army and they refuse to tell me about the teeth they lose.   

Image result for Hellboy 2 tooth fairy

Fathers rights for fetus scores huge win

I have reported on numerous cases in the court system that would ensure equal custodial rights for fathers. Ryan Magers has gone a step further, Madison County Probate Judge Frank Barger granted rights to an aborted fetus clearing the way for Magers to establish an estate for the baby which is now named “Baby Roe”

Why does this matter? This motion allows Magers to sue the abortion clinic for wrongful death. Magers goal is to gain rights for fathers and unborn babies as well as deter people who profit from abortion.

Shortly after reading the article linked below I located Ryan’s lawyer so I could call and offer my support. I was elated to hear from Mr. Helms that they have received an outcry of support especially from mem who had lost their babies to abortion. These gentlemen have a long battle ahead and I wish them all the luck in the world.