Tik Toc: a Pedophile’s playground

I sat across from a coworker in the guard house during some downtime on the job. While personally, I feel this individual is vulgar and perverted I have found it best to just entertain his conversations until he goes away. He is the kind of guy that thinks every woman he meets wants him. He can’t point you in the right direction without flexing his non-existent biceps and spends far too much time appreciating himself.

He was going through his phone showing dirty videos of girls dancing and posting nude images of themselves. He was playing with a new app he had downloaded that apparently has taken off overnight. He tells me the name of the app is Tik Toc. Now where had I heard that name before, why did it sound so familiar?

Two days prior The BG came home from school talking about Tik Toc, apparently, it is all the rage at her among her classmates. Typically I am not overly strict on the apps BG wants to download then again her requests are usually safe. Tik Toc is officially the first app I banned her from, if not for the inappropriate content then for the sheer reason my co-worker whom I disdain is on it.

Tik Toc has no safety settings, no filter, no moderators, and is completely open to its users. This creates the perfect hunting ground for perverts and pedophiles with its lack of barriers and oh so attractive photo/video effects and filters.


Should Facebook be held accountable for in game purchases made by kids?

As I ran around the house cooking dinner, bathing LTP, and getting clothes ready for the next day I began to hear my phone ding. This wasn’t just one ding it was a rapid succession of dings that lasted what felt like a lifetime. As I made my way to my phone CPT ran to me excited! “Daddy, I bought all the dragons!”

CPT hag logged in to Facebook on an I pad and somehow gained access to a game. After $123 I was a little irritated.


Are your kids entire lives online?

Being I blog about every crap the troops take this article was for sure interesting to me.


Alabama law doesnt allow 50/50

Under Alabama’s custody laws one parent has to have majority custody. Let me say that again; Alabama law doesnt allow for 50/50 custody. How can any state’s laws be so barbaric and damaging to children? The fact that this has not been opposed sooner is completely archaic.

Ala. Family Rights Association Pushes for Change in Alabama’s Child Custody Law

Arkansas follows Illinois: Equal rights for both parents in court

Just weeks after Illinois put forth a bill that would require judges to assume 50/50 custody among both parents Arkansas puts forth a similar bill. Is it possible after over a decade of biased family courts we are finally starting to see some momentum behind the father’s rights movement?


The right daycare makes all the difference


Army Of Tots Apparel

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Gaming with your troops

Gaming with CPT and The BG is an activity we enjoy together as a family. LTP has even taken an interest but is still too young to handle the controller. The digital realm is another world and I can’t agree with Jordan Shapiro more, it is important we as parents show them around.

Here are some of the games we play together:

  • Lego Dimensions (any lego game works)
  • DC UNiverse
  • Marvel Heroes Omega
  • Roblox


While clearly, I have a positive relationship with my co-parent I do have to admit I constantly feel at a disadvantage. In the event we do have a conflict I can’t help but feel we are more like America and Mexico whereas I would prefer an America Russia relationship. Obviously MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) is a much more comfortable place to negotiate from.

This, of course, has resulted in my active role as a Father’s Right’s advocate. Naturally, a battle against an unfair court system leaves you in opposition to the feminist movement.

I find this article interesting. As the father of two girls, I raise them to believe they can do anything their male counterparts can do. I teach and encourage them to be strong independent women. Does that not make me at least somewhat of a feminist? The simple fact is you can support feminism and still support equality for men. remember feminism at its root is about equality, not superiority and we need to separate feminists from alt left or hardcore feminism.

Guy Talk: How Men’s Rights Activists Get Feminism Wrong